LED stadium screen application program

Date:2015,07,03 Has been Viewed:1504

Outdoor sports video LED display, we usually use the virtual pixel technology to make the screen display more delicate, more realistic. Indoor play video display, we adopt SMD technology for broadcasting rights of sports events provide more wide viewing angle and higher real-time rate. Division I for all kinds of sports events provide a high quality display, the LED video processor can be infinite to realize the real time communication, management and integration of dynamic display content such as videos, time, text, graphics, animation and scoreboard system), but also through the software partition function to achieve full screen multi window display, can display the image, real-time display, text, clock, match score. We show that the contents of a simple, clear and easy to read, so as to ensure the audience the best experience, and ourphp a perfect video effects.
The LED display screen can be in different climatic zones around the world use temperature range at - 30 DEG C - 60 DEG C, due to our box with good moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, so the product can even use in the air environment of seaside high huourphpity and high salinity.
LED video control system with double backup system, once the fault occurs, the customer can automatically or manually switch to the standby system.
SMD triple technology in the application of indoor and outdoor stadiums LED display to achieve the wider perspective, more high refresh rate, so as to ensure that the audience will not miss the opportunity to live sporting events.