About led display fire caused by fire accident almost every year,


2. Safety hidden dangers

About led display fire caused by fire accident almost every year, perhaps some fire caused not led display itself, but their composition, but the safety of the led display is still on the agenda.Led display from a number of modules patchwork, the area of the screen, the greater the module, the more the greater the power, heat dissipation problem increasingly prominent, the more electricity brings hidden trouble.

3. Small spacing product cost is high

For led display the most intuitive problems or price, the price in a consumer's purchase intention occupies more than 50% of the proportion.In addition to the small distance between product, the price of the led display is almost stable, and with the development of technology, the price has a tendency to decrease year by year.Products nearly two small spacing between users, small spacing led display the prominent advantages of instant praise from many consumers, but small spacing products caused by using chip more price too high may be small spacing application promotion of an "obstacle".

Some led display manufacturers have succeeded at present stage small spacing of 0.7 mm product output, but the real application?Even the 1.2 mm small spacing product application are numbered.From watching the effect and cost control in terms of 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm small spacing has been able to fully meet the needs of the watch, what's more, the price of the product is 1.2 mm small spacing have let consumers to accept.Forled display manufacturer, is currently the most important thing is not to develop smaller point spacing of led display, but how can the existing technology in real applications.Want to users to accept your product, will face the first price, if the price can't let consumers to accept, no matter how good your product and can only be used for pure display.On the price of the product and performance to comprehensive consideration, only products have enough value, to consumer prices don't let people away.

In general, the development of the led display industry appeared in all kinds of problems, but many problems are solved by the manufacturer, and recognition of the customers.The development of the led display is also a question of looking for and the process to solve the problem.Now the biggest challenge for led display manufacturer is small spacing, boundless opportunities also brings many problems, who can solve more problems for the user, who can get the user's support.

Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity