LED display cabinet calibration profile


Due to the characteristic of LED tube, attenuation and the discreteness of circuit components, the LED display brightness and ourphpomaticity inconsistent phenomenon, seriously affect the quality of display.In order to overcome the LED display brightness and ourphpomaticity heterogeneity problem, point by point correction technology arises at the historic moment, and is developing rapidly, it can significantly improve the uniformity of LED display, to improve the display quality.

According to different applications, the point correction technology and can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the production line by box correction (housing correction);Another kind is the scene of the big correction (in-situ correction).In-situ correction technology can choose a good place to watch for correction, ensure the LED display screen in the field application environment to achieve satisfactory display effect, but the complex scene environment and long-distance technical support is limited field calibration problems.Especially some foreign orders on-site calibration cost and difficulty is larger.

In order to ensure that the factoryLEDThe uniformity of the screen body, reduce the cost for technical support, housing correction technology will reflect their own unique value.Housing correction can significantly improve the display quality of stitching display after, and relatively in-situ correction efficiency is higher, not limited by time and place, the cost is low.Therefore, housing correction technology will beLEDAn integral part of display manufacturing, has a good application prospect.

A, LED display cabinet calibration profile

Housing correction is one of the production line correction, want to LED display manufacturers in the production line to increase the link.Under normal circumstances, the housing correction is arranged in the factory before the last link, mainly used to eliminate the box of brightness and ourphpomaticity difference between internal and enclosure, to improve the uniformity of LED display after joining together.

In addition to increasing correction link in production, manufacturers generally need to follow up on the screen body factory correction effect.Commonly used approach has the following three types: one is pieced together all the enclosure, to observe the effect showed, but joining together have a larger workload, it's not convenient to implement;2 it is drawn at random for Mosaic part enclosure, to observe the effect correction;Three is to use of measurement calibration system records of all housing correction effect simulation evaluation.Increase the housing correction and simulation evaluation/sampling link LED production line diagram is shown in figure 1.

Housing correction shall be carried out in a dark room, which requires a plane array imaging device and each one colorimeter is used to measure the luminance and ourphpominance information of each box.In order to ensure that all the calibration process of box body is under the influence of the external environment condition, to meet its goal of luminance and ourphpominance uniformity, dark room completely sealed, and the temperature and huourphpity as a constant value, in the process of calibration, and calibration of the instrument must be fixed enclosure, box must be placed above the base, avoid the influence of the ground reflection.

Are similar with the correction, in each case, the process of correction of the including data collection, data analysis, target setting, coefficient of correction coefficient calculation and upload, also need to control system.

Second, the key technology and difficulty

Housing correction is an effective way to improve the quality of LED display image, its key technology is mainly manifested in the following two aspects: one is the box body internal uniformity between pixels, 2 it is bright color degree of consistency between the box body.