Our indoor LED display use after a period of time can change to the outdoor use


Our indoor LED display use after a period of time can change to the outdoor use?Do a comparison analysis on this issue below, take a look at this approach will work.

1. The brightness restrictions.Indoor LED screen brightness demand is not high, with a dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor screen brightness is higher and higher, is static scanning circuit, the hardware difference is big.Dynamic scanning is used to save hardware cost and the number of driver chip with a difference of more than ten times, determine the indoor display brightness is lower, generally around 1500 CD / ㎡, is only suitable for indoor use.

2. Waterproof restrictions.Indoor waterproof panel structure is not needed, or simple waterproof processing, and outdoor LED display for waterproof demand is very high, in the production of cable and casing to waterproof processing, so at the request of the enclosure structure itself there is a difference.

3. The viewing distance limit.Near the requirements of the indoor screen viewing distance, models are generally P3 P4 (P5, P6, so area is general not big, within 15 square metre, and ask for a viewing distance is far, outdoor LED display model is generally P10 P16 P20, so determines its area is larger, more than 30 square meters.

To summarise.Outdoor and indoor LED display, and because of differences in brightness, waterproof, dustproof and model, the production of raw materials, accessories, cabinet, hardware is different.The change is not recommended.Do more harm than good.