the domestic VR/AR investment boom is more to the point of the led display


           Over the past year, the domestic VR/AR investment boom is more to the point of fanaticism.VR/AR was is the darling of the capital market.Many companies into the bureau.VR market scale growth speed is very fast, according to iResearch estimates that in 2018 mainland VR market will break through ten billion yuan mark.In the next five years, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of VR market will be more than 80%.Predicts 2021, the mainland will become the world's largest VR market, the industry as a whole scale will reach 79 billion yuan.

          Because of AR/VR technology provides unparalleled immersive experience and the sense, so its in professional audio and video, radio and television, movies, games, and so on various fields are highly regarded.Is precisely under this trend, some domestic LED display of listed companies through cooperation with VR/AR related enterprise or in the form of mergers and acquisitions and layout.

             Now, however, we are LED display, awareness of VR/AR has come down significantly.After VR/AR display enterprise layout, up to now also didn't take out any VR/AR products are amazing.Once upon a time, VR/AR agitation seems to have become the past tense, gradually withdrew from the view of the industry.

           But, it doesn't matter if you don't participate in, VR/AR huge market is here.Now VR/AR industry now has become one of national key to promote the industry.On June 17, deputy director general of ministry of industry and electronic information Wu Shengwu at "2017 international VR/AR technology, and industry conference", virtual reality is a blend of new display technology, sensing measurement technology, the human-computer interaction technology and Internet technology, and other cutting-edge technology integrated technology, is a new generation of information technology.In the 16th July 11, the Chinese Internet congress open rotting on the BBS, the ministry of industry and information technology minister MiaoWei also said that will strengthen the key core technology breakthrough, to speed up the artificial intelligence, such as virtual reality technology research and development and commercial.Cross-border integration innovation efforts to promote the Internet and other industries, to speed up the construction of universality, precision innovation support policy system, ourphp link to serve the market, on the basis of the value chain to ourphp the market operation mechanism.

            Predictably, under the push of national policy, with rapid development of VR industry in China will soon usher in the spring.So,LED displayEnterprise and how to choice?LED display companies to face the VR, this big cake is only maintain wait-and-see attitude, will market to surrender?

          Admittedly, for the vast number of LED display to bystanders, there are reasons for technology and capital.First of all, from the point of view, VR/AR industry chain display is one of the most fundamental and most important hardware facilities, while the current display in terms of definition, small spacing can basically meet the demand of the VR/AR, but it needs to be improved in terms of reliability and stability.Second, VR on the future direction of two is a civil market, the second is the commercial market.However, the product popularity and is closely related with the factors of price.Under 60 inches category, small spacing LED price compared with LCD, DLP, does not have an advantage.Especially for indoor application, 60 inches below the market, the LCD screen can completely replace the LED display.In addition, as the terminal display products LED display is has its advantages, but it also nots allow to ignore to competitors, in addition to old rivals LCD display, also faced the OLED attack.Single theory, the ratio of liquid crystal display has the absolute advantage.If of display effect, OLED is not more than 1.And market applications, AMOLED also have been used for mobile terminal, become the VR technology access to the mobile carrier.

                  Above all, is probably the mostLED displayCompanies to VR/AR "off".Everything, however, the current Internet, big data and intelligent is the trend of The Times, the LED display companies if conformism, don't change, only in the future competition is left behind.Therefore, the LED display to win the future, it is necessary to keep up with the trend of The Times, positive.

               VR/AR can promote the experience of LED display and display effect, it is beyond doubt.The LED display has been labeled as the "hardware", but in VR/AR systems, intelligent interaction system is relatively weak.So, how to make the LED display better integration of technology, with a third party has become a difficult problem in LED display in front of us.Giant color remind more powerful it is important to note that the LED display enterprise can't for the fusion and integration, to consider how to blend in with the third party technology process, keep the basic characteristic of the LED display, only in this way can we form a strong competitive advantage, such as LCD, OLED.