places produce screen rental demand


 places produce screen rental demand

Shadow is K industry in recent years is a hot spot of the entertainment industry.It is the emergence of the KTV industry in order to survive and development, solve the problem of the KTV room vacancy rate, and will put the empty part of the KTV room change to can not only sing but can small movie entertainment space.

According to relevant data show that, at present there are about more than 80 national volume type KTV, its room vacancy rates are about 20% to 25%.On average, empty for 5-10 per KTV room.Number of vacant rooms can reach more than 500 rooms.The more than 500 rooms are adapted for viewing small theater, from the reform cost, equipment and reconstruction expense each room 20000 yuan, plus the repair, replacement cost such as sofa, there is more than 100 billion market size.

For now, the price is still LED display into the shadow of K market a short board, but is also for this reason, the cinema LED rental demand.Shenzhen entertainment industry association secretary-general Zhang Xiaokun said: "a few years ago there were many casino is located around the screen in doing, we can see the movie, sing K, provide consumers with new field of vision. A lot of KTV places decorated with direction from the hall room, a few small and medium sized rooms now, in line with the renovation of the hokage demand, the theater LED rental demand."

However, we can imagine, the future LED display into the shadow K market success, perhaps LED display a breakthrough into the cinema market.In the past in the industry are talking about the LED display can be an idea to the cinema, but in addition to the cost, the rights of privacy Settings and restricting the LED display a threshold into the cinema, but with the emergence of shadow K, it may become the LED display screen into a "theater" a special form of the market.

Think about a new direction

LED large screen entertainment fusion panoramic KTV places

As the KTV market decline, forcing many to KTV place is changing the traditional management pattern, seek new profit point.K system in addition to the shade, panoramic KTV became the KTV upgrade a bright spot in recent years.

It is understood that many years ago the ground interactive products have been used in areas outside the KTV industry, and has generated by interaction detection and video material for interactive technology is implemented, but because the cost is higher, at present has yet to fully into the KTV industry.

But the LED awning products in the application of the KTV is very rare, because in the past can see products are on an open area of the some big stores, such as wto-day order in Beijing and guangzhou wanda plaza, its cost is very expensive, however, attracted many people to watch, the current any KTV is never for the sake of the corridor, a smallpox and invest so much money to make the product, and panoramic KTV with small to achieve this ambitious project capital cost.

In general, panoramic KTV LED awning products need to decorate a design in KTV is plans to implement, need to make the corridor at the top and the corridor wall designed to compare the pure reflector, awning, thus can realize corridor corridor wall panoramic view of the content of the projection screen will look very beautiful, whole get panoramic reflect shock when someone through the corridor.

Although, at present or because the problem of cost, hindered the pace of development of LED display, but as the technology progress, LED display price plummeted, floor tile of the LED screen and LED awning and other products within the panoramic KTV also will have nowhere to go.

In conclusion, the sound, light, screen, video, combined laser, projection, not only the performance places can see, most of the entertainment places can see in the future.Whether the KTV or the cinema, visual concept will change in the next few years to entertainment, this time not very long."