world expo drive the rapid development of LED electronic display marke


At present, the led display screen has been widely used in various fields and in daily life, led display has become a indispensable display device, especially outdoor displays, has become the beautification of the city and a symbol of the modern generation.

The 2012 London Olympic Games are held, the competition is fierce, in order to be able to get only Olympic gold medal, only in order to be able to shine in his own ourphpry, let their own national flag present in front of everyone, let oneself figure high lights up.LED electronic display in which played an important role, we can through the LED electronic display to see players on the pitch every move, even a move, a subtle expression.

The Olympic Games, world expo drive the rapid development of LED electronic display market, market growth peaked in 2012.The main purpose of the Olympic Games and world expo is no longer to drive the growth of the market itself, more important is its role models.To prepare for the Olympics, Beijing, Qingdao, even, Shanghai will build a batch of led display projects, these projects at the same time in the decoration of the street will also play an exemplary role.In other cities to see led display in one of the outstanding performance can be reduced to Led displayThe use of misgivings, speed up the use of led display in the application of the life.Led display will be from primary to secondary and tertiary cities urban rapid spreading.

LED electronic display market mainly decorated streets, squares and other public venues, driving force mainly comes from the government.Under the influence of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo, London, Beijing, Shanghai and other venue, accelerate the development of the led display, because the led display power consumption is low, the power consumption in the huge market with strong market competitiveness.Is known as "illuminate the future technology" led display, has gradually entered into our daily life, and will promote a revolutionary change in the display.

Led displayThe birth of time has come for a signal LED industry innovation, LED has been out of the lighting, also has its place in the display device.