LED display screen market rental status in our ourphpry


LED display screen market rental status in our ourphpry

Trajectory in the development of the LED display rental market in China, we will find rental screen market developed rapidly, in addition to benefit from the progress of technology, the demand of the market, policy guiding role of the market is also very obvious.At present, the LED display industry in our ourphpry with the outbreak of the "small spacing, stable market growth.In the progress of technology and overall to the good trend, environment, leasing market is the desire for larger, more wide development space.At the same time, with the development of industry into the "diversified" period, display products more rich diversity, multidisciplinary crossover development, which in turn brings LED rental screen market very profound effect.

P3, P5 rental screen into the mainstream

LED rental screen one of the most significant change is "point distance".As people more and more high demand for hd display, more benefit from the LED display technology, manufacturing process, the progress of material level, lease point spacing also keep pace with The Times to narrowing of the products.P10 and P16 in 2008-2012 full-color outdoor display screen is the mainstream of the rental market products, covering the outdoor LED screen market share of seventy percent, because after 2013 P10, P8 full-color LED display record low prices, sales have qualitative leap, especially P10 full-color LED display almost eighty percent of the market.P4.8 leasing products, early 2013 industry today, outdoor rental screen has already progressed to P3, P5 is given priority to, more towards P2.0 trend.

In small spacing P0.8 display can already mass production today, the pace of leasing products towards smaller spacing seems to be the trend of The Times, is also the necessity of developing rental market.