LED lamp posts screen, multipoint dropping


  Due to the popularity of LED large screen in the outdoor advertising media, high-quality screen installation positions of outdoor advertising is becoming a scarce resource.Combined with the LED large screen unfavorable factors such as light pollution caused by the negative effects on the urban management, LED large screen outdoor installation position of the approval process is becoming more and more complex and difficult.The negative impact of the global economic malaise in recent years, to other digital media except landmark digital media impact is bigger, the LED screen advertising declines in advertising.Under such background factors prompting, outdoor video media gradually highlights, of restricting the development of the small area of outdoor lamp posts demand LED display is gradually highlighted.

  relative to the traditional light box advertising, video playback

  Outdoor LED screen, light pole is mainly to replace light pole light boxes advertising on the market.On market now, light box advertising, double-sided emissions, emissions up to two advertising, customer groups and a few months time, you want to change the number of ads placed is limited, and LED display screen can be unlimited light pole advertising emissions, and LED lighting panel can be placed at the same time dozens of advertising, such a lamp-post advertisement utilization will increase accordingly.

  On the other hand, the impact on the vision, light box advertising print ads, and LED display screen can display dynamic video ads, light pole from delivery form is also more attractive.In comparison, the dynamic advertising story plot, whether anyone watching, as long as the broadcast to, someone will always pay close attention to.And static advertising is a picture, a two sentences often cannot express to illustrate very well, so that can attract eyeball is less, especially in the street this in a hurry, glance through, the audience may haven't had time to focus on the advertising.Therefore, by contrast, outdoor light pole LED display advantage is obvious.

  3, national road traffic planning, market prospects for the future

  Statistics show that by the end of 2014, the national highway mileage reached 4.4639 million kilometers, of which the highway 111900 kilometers, the largest in the world.And with the development of urbanization to speed up the footsteps, foreseeable future years for narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, cities to stimulate rural development, road traffic planning in our ourphpry will be more big.The upcoming 2016, means that "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of our ourphpry has entered a new period of practice.According to the report, manufacturing upgrade, the information economy, the modern service industry is expected to become "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning industry" three main dimensions.ourphpries shows that to the attention of the manufacturing of new products LED lighting panel prospects.

  Every 50 meters in accordance with the traffic trunk lines there is a light pole, nearly 5 million kilometers of highway in our ourphpry there are 100 million light pole.And outdoor light pole LED display application also amounted to less than 10% of all street lamps, if replace all previous light box print ads LED lamp post screen, plus new roads of street lamp position, so the LED light pole screen market prospect is considerable.LED display screen as a new thing, light pole has start-up step by step, also need to explore and seek a broader development opportunity in the exploration.Both their own advantages and national road traffic planning provides unlimited market space, believe that the LED light pole screen to get the favour of advertisers more!